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The Mcadoo/Hazleton Pool League was formed in 1980. There were two teams from its onset; Cara's Bar and Kelayres Rod & Gun Club. Over the next several years it expanded to as many as 28 teams. The league then decided to make that the maximum number of teams allowed to compete, in order to keep the season at a reasonable length. The league currently averages about 18 teams from the Hazleton Area, but no longer has any teams represented from Mcadoo. Eight Ball is the game of choice and the league has adopted its own set of rules. Interested bars or clubs within a reasonable radius of the Hazleton Area are encouraged to join! Each team will need a minimum of 7 shooters & a preliminary roster is required at the meeting in August.


ATTENTION: The first meeting of the 2014 - 2015 McAdoo/Hazleton 8-Ball Pool League Season will be held Wednesday, August 20, 2014, at Umbriacs Bar on Diamond Ave., Hazleton at 7:30 PM.  Anyone interested in putting a team in the league for this coming year should plan to attend this meeting.  Any questions can be answered by calling the league telephone 570-459-5039 and leaving your name and number.  

The 2014 Pool League Outing Results are as follows:
Gift Card Door Prize Winners
Mary Clark-$100
Tim Spohr-$100
Dave Reinmiller-$100
Brenda O'Donnell-$75
Matt Crego-$75
Jim Kehler-$75
Chris Hutton-$75
Gas Card Winners
Wayne Ziller- $35
Joe Ritz- $35
John Mandzak- $30
Diane Toter-$25
Sheryl Kott-$25
Cue Stick Winners
Cathy Sobolewski
Robbie Maguschak
+ 10 other cue winners (names not available)

Congratulations, to all of the winners!



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